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The Leading Indian American Company unveils in Bangalore to script amazing treatment outcomes

Bangalore/ New Delhi: With Indian American Stem Cell Major GIOSTAR-USA arriving in a mission mode to alleviate the sufferings and pain of sick people, words ‘Cure’ and ‘Anti-ageing’ are in Indian air. Its elegant hospital unveiled in Bangalore only this month has set the stage for India to witness amazing outcomes of stem cell therapy.
Headquartered in San Diego, California and powered by two illustrious Indians, Dr Anand Srivastava and Deven Patel, GIOSTAR (Global Institute of Stem Cell Research) with 20 plus years in the field is a cut above the rest among stem cell research and therapy players in the world. The hospital was inaugurated by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar on October 17, 2021, equating stem cell scientists as versions of Brahma for their power to regenerate damaged organs.

Sample this:

In a world first, in April 2020, FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in USA gave emergency use authorization to GIOSTAR for using stem cell therapy for repairing damaged lungs from COVID infection which proved lifesaving at a time when vaccine was not there and treatment protocol seemed like stabbing in the dark. It is one of the first stem cell research institutes to achieve this distinction in USA. It is a great measure of GIOSTAR’s credibility and speaks a volume about GIOSTAR’s standing in the realm of stem cell research and therapy (also named regenerative medicine).
Talking to Medicare News, Dr Anand Srivastava, Chairman of GIOSTAR and a globally acclaimed preeminent stem cell scientist elaborated on treatment of COVID patients and said ‘We wrote to FDA for emergency use authorization claiming we could save people who were dying due to COVID- damaged lungs. Thankfully, we got it and saved several people, making headlines in America in the midst of killing spree of the pandemic. We wanted to save people in India as well and so spoke to Indian regulators but our words fell on deaf ears.’
If cure is the holy grail of medicine, GIOSTAR’s quest is catching up fast. In mainstream medicine, ailments are only managed with lifelong need to take medicines. Complete cure of ailments is what makes drugless and non- invasive stem cell therapy a very attractive proposition. With GIOSTAR going whole hog into creating stem cells banks and doing clinical trials in right earnest, the patients despairing to rid of terminal illnesses may soon start seeing light at the end of dark tunnel in India.
GIOSTAR, which already has amazing treatment success stories to flaunt, is all set to bring a paradigm shift in the way the treatments are delivered in India. If you take Dr Anand Srivastava’s deep and unlimited devotion to Hanuman, the much-revered Hindu God, you might as well say he is endowed with ‘Sanjivani’ for hapless patients on the verge of death. Stem Cell therapy promises to regenerate and repair kidney, heart, liver, eyes, brain, and what not. Thanks to Stem cells, Kidney and Liver transplant, knee replacement and many other procedures of treatment might be thing of the past in times to come.

Dr Srivastava adds- ‘Healing at the cellular level is the real treatment resulting into complete cure. GIOSTAR is well equipped to script such cures. Stem cell therapy is no more in the nascent experimental stage. It has come of age and it is high time to harness stem cell products to treat illnesses so far regarded incurable. It is very much possible now to treat with felicity stroke, traumatic brain injuries, Parkinson, Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma,  myocardial infraction, diabetes, autoimmune disease like Crohn’s disease, liver diseases.’

Dr Srivastava has many laurels and firsts to his credit, well documented in prestigious medical journals, namely, making universal (O-negative) blood in 2003 by stem cells, proving for the first time ever in 2005 that brain damage could be repaired with stem cells, to name but a few. The clinical trials being taken up by GIOSTAR in Bangalore and in America may open a new exciting chapter in Medicine.
Talking to Medicare News, Deven Patel, President, CEO & Cofounder, said, ‘GIOSTAR’s mission is to facilitate affordable stem cell therapy to the masses. The company is all set to herald an age when people will go to chemist shop to get a vial of stem cell product over the counter to get it infused in body like we do with glucose. And lo and behold! you recover without using any drug and resultant side effects. We are pioneers in stem cell science. Anti- ageing, which is most sought-after dream of all and sundry, is GIOSTARS’s hard earned craft and I am the living example of it.’
Deven Patel said the company is going to establish GIOSTAR hospitals in every metropolis of India. He further added GIOSTAR, a much sought-after stem cell institutes, will be in every continent as well in very near future. Mr Patel added GIOSTAR is going to begin clinical trials on stem cells applications. The clinical trial areas are Post COVID complications, diabetes, auto immune diseases, Cancer, Vaccine Alzheimer and most important of all, the universal donor O-(negative)Blood that GIOSTAR has created with the help of stem cells.
America has achieved stem cell science superiority by spending billions of dollars with the help of chosen stem cell scientists. Dr Anand Srivastava is one of them and regarded as pioneer and power house of Stem Cell knowledge. According to Deven Patel, India can have those accomplishments of USA just for an asking and can assume leadership role. Thankfully, GIOSTAR has got the ears of PM Narendra Modi. It is to be noted that GIOSTAR hospital in Ahmedabad was inaugurated by PM Modi when he was CM of Gujrat in 2011 and MOU was signed in 2009 in Vibrant Gujrat. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar also graced the occasion that time. With GIOSTAR as partner, a huge stem cell hospital is in the making in Surat on the line of PPP model and several states have signed MOU with GIOSTAR for similar projects to establish most advanced stem cell research and treatment institutes for better health of millions in India.
Summing up, it might take some time for stem cell therapy to become mainstream medicine but the huge potential of stem cells is a fait accompli. Alarmed, pharmaceutical companies have buying stem cell companies to monopolise it.

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